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My name is Bernie Johnson.  I am President of Tidewater Life & Financial Group, Inc.
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Let's begin with sharing some information. That's what you came here for, correct?

Many of us will have unique needs in our senior years which will require unique ways of securing that those needs are met:

Life Insurance. Retirement Planning.  Investment Annuities.  Medicare Supplements,  Long Term Care.  Life Settlements. Estate Tax Planning. The list can go on.  It's prudent to take a hard look at what you have in place. As your financial advisor, I can help you determine a sense of direction.  As a broker, I have access to a variety of financial planning products available through a wide range of companies.  It's worth inquiring about.  The purpose is to benefit those who mean the most to you.

We can simplify things for you. The benefit of establishing a relationship with a broker is obvious. A broker gets to know you, what you need, and what's important to you. He or she can take the guesswork out of insurance and financial issues. A broker can tell you in plain language what you want to know.  He can give you choices.  We do the work, and we are your "go to" person when questions come to mind.

Policy needs change as we age.  We give you life insurance. Life insurance gives you peace of mind.  You can know that your loved ones will have financial security in your absence. A spouse left behind can pay off a mortgage and stay in the family home.  Debts and final expenses can be met.. all just as you intended.

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